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I Kang Huang

I Kang Huang

Dental technician
Taoyuan, 桃園縣


关于I Kang Huang:

Hello, my name is I-Kang Huang. I was born and raised in Taoyuan, Taiwan.I have a family with my wife and four beautiful children. Our family are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Church teaches and encourages us to work hard, value self-reliance and entrepreneurship, but at the same time, value the importance of family time. At church, we are also given callings, which provide us opportunities to dedicate ourselves to serving one another. Before my wife and I got married, we were called to serve as full-time missionaries for 18 and 24 months in Taiwan and California, respectively, and it was during this time we developed self-discipline and the willingness to serve


While I was in college, I majored in Art and Graphic Design, and learned the concepts of color and 3D dimensional esthetics.  Those concepts I learned all those years ago helped prepare me to become the dental technician I am today. In 2014, I passed the National Board Examination and obtained a Dental Technician License. 


Since 2011, I have been actively engaged in the world of Dental Technology. During these last eleven years, I have worked in places ranging from small dental studios with less than five people to large dental laboratories with a size of nearly a hundred people. In addition, I also have experience working as an auxiliary chair side technician inside the dental office, as well as directing production departments operated by dental material dealers. I can confidently say that I have seen the business styles of nearly all the dental industries.


Professional skills such as ceramic work and staining techniques are my strengths. According to the needs of the patients, we burn different colors and transparent ceramic materials to various materials such as zirconia, lithium disilicate  and various dental metals (PFM) in effort to recreate naturality. In order to create a natural tooth color, the dental technician needs to understand the surface texture of various porcelain powders and the sintering temperature.

Through these past seven years of porcelain-burning, coupled with my understanding of the nature of ceramics, I have often refined my techniques so that the works in my hands are on par with natural teeth.

When it comes to color, I was introduced to  a unique photo-comparison technique “e -LAB” (a technique that compares real teeth colors by using photos) into every dyeing task. White Balancing the photos from both doctor and technician through an exclusive product of ours, “grey card” helps us to be able to make the exact same hue, value and chroma as the patient’s teeth. This method improves the accuracy of staining, repeated verification can also reduce the error of the work, and finally save the time paid by the doctor and the patient. It has been a popular technique among dental technicians today. 


With the skills and the experiences I have possessed help me win the championship of porcelain layering competition of New Taipei city in 2021.I have the confidence to offer the satisfying service to my lab, my doctors and patients.I would appreciate your time in reviewing my resume and if there is any addition you require, please contact me. I would welcome to meet with you for an interview(as well as on line).



Dental Ceramist for 11years 
Smilden Biotechnology Company
*Dental ceramist
*Quality assurance
*Organize training course


dental lab technology
Shu-Zen Junior college of medicine and management
*Wax up technique
*Porcelain build up technique
*Removable partial & full denture
*Fixed crown & bridge

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