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Tyziere Tseng

Tyziere Tseng

Hsinchu, 新竹市


关于Tyziere Tseng:

My name is Tyziere. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Taiwan. I enjoy sports and fitness, as well as music. I have a strong passion for playing the guitar. What's even more important is my interest in languages. I started making friends with native English speakers from a young age, so I have proficient English communication skills. Lately, I've developed a deep love for the Spanish language and culture, and I hope to become an exchange student in Spain. Additionally, I adore children. Over the past seven years, I've been actively involved in the upbringing of my two nieces, spending over two hours with them every day. This has given me valuable experience in taking care of kids.


I have worked for a land development consulting company for a year and a half, which has equipped me with strong problem-solving abilities, data consolidation skills, and proficiency in project planning. Importantly, this role demands a high level of responsibility, and I am confident in my ability to excel in this aspect.


I majored in Mechanical Engineering during my university years. However, after graduating, I didn't pursue a career in that field; instead, I chose to join my family's business in land development consulting. During my time in this job, I discovered a strong interest in the Spanish language and culture. I've decided that this will be a lifelong learning goal for me. So far, I have been studying Spanish for four months, and I plan to go to Spain as an exchange student before the winter of 2023. After building a solid foundation in the Spanish language and culture, my goal is to apply for a graduate program in Spanish Literature.

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